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Made by Google, android is a versatile working framework. It's masculine produced for touch screen gadgets like tablets and cell phones. Google has also made Android Car for cars, Android TV for TVs and Wear OS for wrist watches. Diversions consoles and PCs are used on advanced cameras, diversion consoles and PCs. It was formally discharged in September 2008. From that point forward, the working framework has experienced many real discharges. Android is the 9 "pie" which was delivered in August 2018. Android is now connected with a suite of restrictive programming made by google. The product is named Google Mobile Services that generally comes pre-introduced in many gadgets. Google Chrome and Google look.More over, 


The thing Andros, which implies one. Andy Rubin picked as his individual site and his partners used and his as moniker. That moniker in the long run turned into the name of the organization he established. Furthermore, the epithet turned out to be the name of the working framework. Initially the organization was established in California in 2003 by Nick Sears, Chris White, Rich Miner and Andy Rubin. Andy portrayed that venture as "inconceivable potential in making more brilliant gadgets that are true of its proprietor's area and inclinations. 
The primary objectives of Android were to propose a framework for computerized cameras. Nonetheless, at some point later they chose the market for cameras. They changed their endeavors and were pitching Android as a handset working framework that could contend with the Microsoft Windows Mobile and Symbian. Andy experienced serious difficulties bringing financial specialists to the office. A dear companion of Andy, Steve, gave Andy $10,000 in real money since he needed to support him. Read more:
A year from that point onward, Google purchased Android Inc. for at any rate $ 50 million. As indicated by some studies, Google makes about $ 31 billion per year from Android. Nowadays Android is the greatest contender to iOS. Likewise, Android is one of the largest organizations around the globe.

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